Word have proven deceitful

Relationships but mere contrivances

Love songs rational mumbles

Commitments filled with stumbles

Everything has got a con

In fact all known victories have got a struggle

Just like how each choice has got its consequence

Mine is but a predicament

Man is to err & weakness is but one

Tales have been lived despite the deceit & contrivances

Some worth dying for while others……………………..

In deed i tried my best, taking chances to find the vices

But baffled i was, baffled i’m still

They claim Love is blind but i suppress that

I think you’re perfect…..NAY…..

I’m sure you’re perfect

Perfect in any imaginable way

I find your visage pretty cute you know, &your personality, totally stellar

Splendid would be an understatement

Honestly, I like you, pretty much i’d say

& imagining of a novel

I know we’d meet on the very first page

Coz I’ve got a feeling ours would be great

And just to predict the last lines I’d quote

He turned at her cutely sentimental eyes.

Pulled closer & brushed her lips against his.

Obsessively they belonged, belonged to their ever after.

Which had dawned bright & warm.


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